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Australia is a large country that is just smaller than the continental United States slightly.
From the best places you can visit in Australia are:
Sydney Opera House
Remarked as a 20th century architectural masterpiece, the Sydney Opera House was built and designed by the famous architect, Jorn Utzon to reflect the image of a vast sailing ship. Its houses multiple venues host together over 1,500 performances each year. Surrounded by the delig...



Singapore is one of the greatest cities of the world, with its mixture of Asian and European cultures.
There a lot of attractive places in Singapore like:

Orchard Road
Orchard Road is the central shopping street of Singapore, as it is regularly frequented by the locals in addition to the foreign tourists. It was named after the fruit orchards that the road guided to, Orchard Road is surrounded by hotels, malls, numerous up market restaurants, caf&eac...



ITALY is considered as one of the best tourist attractions as everyone knows how awesome Italy is.
Here are the best places you can visit if you are going to Italy the next days.
Canals of Venice
It is also named as (The City of Water) as well as Venice is treated as the crown jewel of water cities. Italian architecture and Romantic gondolas along the Grand Canal helped gain this status. Stitched together with more than 150 canals that have bec...



Never stop travelling to Thailand
Let's have a look to the most beautiful places you can visit in Thailand:

Ko Phi Phi
The Phi Phi Islands are one of Thailand's most famed resort areas for a reason. Only Phi Phi Don island is inhabited, with day trips available to the neighboring islands. One amongst the fun spots on Koh Phi Phi is Monkey Beach, wherever you'll comeback face-to-face, literally, with the n...



Top amazing places in Qatar:
Aqua Park
Aqua Park is the premier water themed park in Qatar is found in the Abu Nakhla area in Doha. The construction and conception of the park was by Aqua Masters (Cyprus) and operation is handled by Al Jazeera Entertainment Enterprises Company that has been operating water theme parks for 15 years across the Gulf.
Doha Corniche
The Doha Corniche is probably the most attractive part of...



Top tourist places in Turkey
Turkey is famous with ancient cities, making it tough to select just one for this list. Although the most popular of these attractions is Ephesus which is near modern Selcuk, It contains some of the most amazing and preserved Roman and Greek ruins in the world and still a well-trodden part of the tourist trail from nearby resorts such as Izmir and  Kusadasi. Some of the best attractions at Ephesus include...



The Canadian lifestyle:-
Canada is a huge country. It is very diverse in its people, its climate, its landscape, and its way of life. Although the Canadians do share the same essential values, these values control and impress much of our everyday life. These are values of diversity, pride, a belief in equality and respect for all individuals in society. Men, women, , children and seniors are all respected equally in Canada. Can...

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